Corporation Bank FD Calculator and Revised FD Interest Rates as on Today

Smart ways of calculating your maturity amount with the use of Corporation Bank FD Calculator is here. Know your tenure period and the current rate of interest on FD in Corporation bank. Keep reading the article to get more details on the Corporation Bank Fixed Deposit Rates in India 2017 and Corporation bank FD Rates calculator.

Corporation Bank FD Calculator Online

Using the other online resources helps you to calculate Corporation Bank FD interests. Several online sites allow you to find out the interest instantly. The Corporation Bank FD Calculator online in this page also helps you in determining the amount you should invest in an FD account. One can also calculate his/her interest on the maturity value with the following formulae along with the use of FD maturity calculator for corporation bank interest rates.

Calculate Corporation FD Rate

A = P×(1+r/n)nt, I = A – P


A = Maturity Amount

P = Principal Amount

r = Interest Rate

t = Number of years

n = Frequency of compounded interest

I = Interest earned

How to Use Corporation Bank FD Rate Calculator?

  1. To calculate the corporation bank fixed deposit interest, you can use the fixed deposit calculator.
  2. It helps you to identify the interest you earn on the principal amount.
  3. You should just enter the desired maturity amount, the rate of interest, frequency.
  4. The calculator makes the hard number crunching and gives you the maturity amount and interest earned.

To Use the Corporation Bank FD Calculator to calculate your maturity amount, click the below link

Corporation Bank FD Interest Calculator

The below table represents updated FD interest rates in Corporation bank for domestic, NRO and Capital gains deposits less than one crore.

Corporation Bank FD Calculator

Corporation Bank FD Rates 2017

FD Interest Rates of Corporation Bank
Maturity Period Rates of Interest
7 Days to 14 Days
15 Days to 45 Days
46 Days to 60 Days
61 Days  to 90 Days
91 Days  to 120 Days
121 Days to 180 Days
181 Days  to 270 Days
271 Days to below 1 year
1 year to below 3 years
3 years & more than 3 years

Corporation Bank FD Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

Rate of Interest for Senior citizens FD in Corporation Bank
Tenure Period FD interest rates
7 Days to 14 Days 5.5%
15 Days to 45 Days 5.5%
46 Days to 60 Days 6.5%
61 Days to 90 Days 6.5%
91 Days to 120 Days 6.8%
121 Days to 180 Days 6.8%
181 Days to 270 Days 7%
271 Days to below 1 year 7%
1 year to below 3 years 7.4%
3 years & More than 3 years 7.3%

Corporation Bank Interest Rates for NRE FD above Rs.10 crore

Corporation Bank NRE FD Rates
Tenure Period Interest rates
Revised on Dec 27, 2016
1 year to less than 3 year 5.00
3 Years and Above 5.00

NRE FD Interest Rates in Corporation Bank – Less than 1 crore

NRE FD Interest Rates Corporation Bank
Tenure Period Interest rate
Revised on Dec 27, 2016
1 year to below 3 year 7.00%
3 Years and more than 3 years 6.90%

CorpBank Interest Rates on FD for NREs – Rs.1 crore to Rs.10 crores

NRE FD Rates of Corporation Bank
Maturity Period Interest Rates 
1 year to below 3 year 5.90%
3 Years and more than 3 years 5.90%

Corporation Bank Fixed Deposit – Overview

A deposit scheme that offers you high rates of interest than a savings account is called the Fixed deposit (FD). It is one of the popular financial tools for people to safely invest and get high interest with low risk. Investing your money in the fixed deposit scheme is a market risk and fluctuations free process.

To open an FD account in any of the banks, one should deposit a minimal amount for a certain maturity period. Then you will get your principal amount including interest earned on maturity. The banks calculate the interest rates on Fixed Deposits according to the tenure and scheme. Seven days to 10 days is the general range of tenure. It is the banks’ choice to set up their own FD interest rates. The interest rates in India usually ranges from 3.5% to 8 %. However, sometimes it may be even high up to 9% according to the tenure period and some other factors.

CorpBank FD Plans

The corporation bank is a public sector banking company with its headquarters at Mangalore, India. It has the pan-India presence. The bank has a present network of 2,440 CBS branches which are fully automated. There are nearly 3,040 ATMs, 4,724 branchless units all over the country. It has the representative offices in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Corporation Bank offers attractive rates of interest on FDs. The corporation fixed deposit rate in India ranges from 4% to 9% per annum. There are the also the nomination facility, premature closure facility, loan facility of 90% of the fixed deposit. The interest earned on your deposit can be paid according to your need on monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly basis. Meanwhile, to know how much interest you will get on your fixed deposit, use the Corporation Bank FD Calculator in the below sections.

How to open FD Account in Corp Bank?

The first thing one should know before opening an FD account is he/she should not withdraw the money before tenure period. Since you should pay some penalty ruled by the bank. So, it is advisable to check the penal fees before opening an account for fixed deposit.

The minimum amount one should invest in the Corpbank FD account is Rs.500 for rural and semi-urban areas. Whereas, for urban and metro areas, it is Rs.1000.

To open a new FD account in Corporation bank, here are the steps to be followed.

Corporation Bank Account Opening

  1. Make a decision on the maturity period and interest rate using the Corporation Bank FD Calculator.
  2. Get the Corporation Bank FD Application Form.
  3. Fill in your details and submit it in the nearest Corporation Bank branch with the supporting documents.

Download the Corporation Bank FD Application Form

Documents required for opening an FD account:

Identity Proofs:

  1. Passport
  2. PAN card
  3. Voter ID card
  4. Driving Licence
  5. Government ID Card
  6. Photo Ration Card
  7. Senior Citizen Card

Address Proofs:

  1. Passport
  2. Telephone Bill
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Bank Statement and Cheque
  5. Certificate/ID card issued by Post Office

It is mandatory to submit the Permanent address and telephone number. Submission of other identity proofs or address proofs subjects to the clear satisfaction of the Bank. So, To know more details on account opening, click the below link.

Corporation Bank FD Account Opening

Eligibility for Fixed Deposit from Corporation Bank

Below are the entities which are eligible to create a new Fixed Deposit with Corporation Bank.

  • Every individual with a name.
  • Individuals possessing a joint account.
  • Minors under the representation of parents.
  • Societies, Institutions, Trusts, Joint Stock companies, HUFs, Clubs, etc.

Features of Corporation Bank Fixed Deposits

Some of the major features of the Corporation FDs are the following.

  • Users choice of deposit tenure.
  • Attractive rates of interest on deposits and user-friendly Corporation Bank FD Calculator.
  • Deposit schemes with Nomination facility.
  • Pre-closure of the deposit permissible under the guidelines of the bank.
  • Loans facility against the fixed deposit for nearly 90% of the deposit amount.
  • No maximum space for deposit in your FD in Corporation Bank.
  • Higher the tenure period, higher the interest rate you receive.

Corporation Bank FD Premature Withdrawal

When there is an emergency of cash, breaking the FD account is the only option. Breaking the fixed deposit before the completion of tenure period is possible and might be handy in the case of urgent fund requirements. So, it is a better suggestion to check the possibility of a premature withdrawal of FD in the bank.

For example, in the case of medical emergencies, the bank allows a partial or a complete withdrawal of the fixed deposit. However, the corporation bank charges a small penalty of 1% per annum on all deposits as already said at the time of FD deposit application. You can also take a loan against the fixed deposit, which is a better option than withdrawing complete deposit. The Corporation bank offers a loan of 90% on the FD.

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