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Online IDBI Bank FD Calculator is available here. Check the IDBI Bank Interest rates and the latest IDBI fixed Deposit schemes on this page. Then, use the IDBI fixed Deposit calculator and calculate the Fixed Deposit maturity amount. Updated IDBI FD rates 2017 are tabulated in the below sections. Usually, the Fixed Deposit Interest rates vary for the Senior citizens and the other individuals. So, we have given the IDBI Bank FD Interest Rates for Senior Citizens and the IDBI general FD rates separately. After you check the IDBI interest rates, if you want to open an IDBI fixed deposit account check out the IDBI Bank FD account opening process below.

IDBI Bank FD Calculator

IDBI bank fixed Deposit calculator is a tool to calculate IDBI Fixed Deposit Interest Rates. The DBI stands for Industrial Development Bank of India Limited. ‘Fixed deposit’ is nothing but a savings scheme where you invest the money for future use. We can say that the IDBI bank is the best to open a Fixed Deposit account. So, everyone who wants to open a Fixed Deposit account can use the IDBI FD calculator Online and check the IDBI Bank FD Maturity Amount. The Fixed deposits are calculated using either the FD Compound Interest Rates or the FD Simple Interest Rates. Along with the IDBI Fixed Deposit, we have also given the IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit Advantages below. The IDBI fixed Deposit calculator is available below.

What is IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit?

The Fixed Deposit in the IDBI is popularly known as Suvidha Fixed Deposit. There are various banks where you can open a Fixed Deposit savings account. But, IDBI fixed Deposit schemes are convenient to all the categories of people. The IDBI bank FD interest rates are somewhat high when compared to the other bank Fixed deposits. Before you open a Fixed deposit account you need to calculate the Maturity amount which is very difficult to calculate manually. So, make use of the IDBI Bank FD Calculator available on our site.

Requirements to Use IDBI Bank FD CalculatorOnline

  • Principle.
  • Rate Of Interest (%).
  • Period (Months/ years).
  • Frequency. ( Simple Interest/ Compound Interest).

Just simply enter the above values on the IDBI FD calculator and click on calculate. Then, the total amount and the Interest earned will be displayed within a fraction of seconds. You may chek the IDBI fixed deposit maturity amount for various IDBI Bank FD Rates.

Click here to get the IDBI Bank FD Calculator

IDBI Bank FD Calculator

IDBI FD Interest Rates – Individual Residents

Resident Term Deposit / NRO for Fixed deposit up to less than Rs. 1 Crore 

Maturity Period Interest Rate (% per annum)
15-30  Days

4.25 %

31-45 Days

5.00 %

46-60 Days

5.50 %

61- 90 Days

5.75 %

91-6  Months

6.50 %

6 Months  to 270 Days

6. 50 %

271 Days to < 1year

6.75 %

1year to 2 years

6.90 %

>2 years to < 3 years

6.75 %

3 years to < 5 years

6.75 %

5 years

6.75 %

Above 5yrs – 7yrs


Above 7 yrs – 10 yrs

6.75 %

Above ten yrs – 20 yrs

6.75 %

FD Interest Rates of IDBI Bank – Senior Citizens

Senior Citizen Interest Rates for IDBI Bank Fixed deposit < Rs. 1 Crore

Maturity  Sr. Citizen Interest Rate (per annum %)
15-30 Days


31- 45 Days


46-60 Days


61- 90 Days


91- 6 Months


6 Months to 270 days


271 Days to < 1 year


1yr to 2yrs


>2 yrs to < 3 yrs


3 yrs to < 5 yrs


5 years


Above 5yrs – 7yrs


Above 7 yrs – 10 yrs


Above 10 yrs – 20 yrs*


All the above-mentioned Interest Rates of the IDBI bank Term Deposits are as per the official IDBI website. These are the New updated IDBI bank FD Interest Rates which are applicable from 22nd Feb 2017. You can calculate the IDBI bank FD interest of rates with the help of the IDBI Bank FD Calculator.

 IDBI Bank FD Account Opening Eligibility

  • Resident Indians.
  • NRIs. Senior citizens.
  • Members of HUF.

All the above given are eligible to apply for the Fixed Deposit Account. Everyone with the eligibility to IDBI bank FD account can get the maximum returns on the Fixed deposit saving amount.

How To Open IDBI Bank FD Account? – Offline

The IDBI bank facilitates the customers to open the Fixed Deposit Account in the IDBI Bank both through Online and Offline modes. Refer the below steps for Offline IDBI fixed deposit Account opening.

  • Click here to Download the IDBI FD Account opening form. IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit Application Form
  • Now, carefully fill the form without any mistakes.
  • Then visit the nearest IDBI Bank branch and submit the IDBI FD application form along with the required documents.
  • After the verification of the documents & the money deposition your Fixed deposit account in IDBI bank will be opened.

Note: It is mandatory to provide the telephone number and the permanent address. Any address proof can be submitted.

Apply Online For IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit Account

  • Firstly, visit the IDBI Official website or click here.
  • Click on the “fixed deposit.”
  • Carefully fill the Application without mistakes.
  • You can submit the IDBI FD Application Form online.
  • If you have the IDBI internet banking facility, you can deposit the fixed deposit amount through online.
  • Then, the FD account in the IDBI bank will be opened automatically.

Click here to Know more about the IDBI Fixed Deposit Account Opening

Documents Required To Open IDBI FD Account

Address Proof

  • Passport.
  • Bank Statement with Cheque.
  • Certificate/ ID card issued by Post Office.
  • Telephone bill.
  • Electricity bill.

Identity Proof

  • Government ID card.
  • Photo ration card.
  • Senior citizen ID card.
  • Passport.
  • PAN card.
  • Voter ID.
  • Driving license.

IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit Advantages

  • You can access your Fixed Deposit at any time.
  • The IDBI Bank Minimum Fixed Deposit amount is low.
  • Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in IDBI bank are so attractive.
  • IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit tenure is also available for one year.
  • No penalty for the Premature withdrawal of the IDBI fixed deposit.
  • Extra benefits for the Senior Citizens who open the IDBI Fixed Deposit account. The interest rate is 0.5% extra on IDBI FB of 1 year.
  • You can avail Overdrafts for the IDBI Fixed Deposits.
  • IDBI FD has the facility of Auto renewal.
  • Several Fixed Deposit options.

IDBI Fixed Deposit Deposit Features

  • Any individual/ Minor/ Karta of HUF.
  • Minimum IDBI Fixed Deposit Amount: Rs. 10, 000/-.
  • Maximum IDBI Fixed Deposit Amount: Rs. 1 crore.
  • Fixed Deposit Joint Accounts can be opened at IDBI.
  • The IDBI Fixed Deposit tenure may be 1 Year/ 2 Years/ 3 Years/ 5 Years/ 7 Years/ 10 years/ 10- 20 years.

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