Syndicate Bank FD Calculator | Updated FD Interest Rates in Syndicate Bank

Get the Current FD interest rates of Syndicate bank here. You can know the maturity amount and tenure period with the use of Syndicate Bank FD Calculator provided in this article. Keep reading the page to get more information on the latest rates of interest on your Fixed Deposit in Syndicate Bank.

Syndicate Bank offers to open fixed deposits for short and long term periods and super attractive rates of interests on FD. Get down to the below sections to know about the FD accounts and Syndicate Bank FD Calculator.

Syndicate Bank FD Calculator

Here is the process to use the Syndicate bank FD interest calculator. You can get the complete the information on the FD calculator and Syndicate Bank rate of interest on FD on this page. So, learn the calculation process and make further investments in your account.

Syndicate Bank FD Calculator helps in calculating the Fixed deposit maturity amount. One should know the interest rates and tenure period to calculate his/her account details. So, know the FD interest rates of Syndicate Bank from the above tabular forms. Meanwhile, use these interest rates for calculating fixed deposit maturity amount with the Syndicate Bank FD Calculator. Using the below formulae, you can calculate the maturity amount.

A = P(1+r/t)nt

Know your maturity amount and tenure period with the Syndicate Bank Fixed Deposit Rates Calculator

Syndicate Bank FD Calculator

Syndicate Bank FD Rates 2017 (Domestic)

Domestic term deposit interest rates below and above 1 crore.
Maturity Period Interest Rate below 1 Crore  Interest Rate 1 to 5 Crore
7 days to 14 days 4.75 4.75
15 Days to 30 Days 4.75 4.75
31 Days to 45 Days 4.75 4.75
46 Days to 60 Days 4.75 4.75
61 Days to 90 Days 5.50 5.50
90 Days to 120 Days 5.50 5.50
120 Days to 180 Days  5.50 5.50
181 Days to 270 Days 6.25 5.50
271 Days to 1 Year 6.25 6.25
1 Year 6.80 6.50
1 Year to 2 Years 6.50 6.25
2 Years to 3 Years 6.50 6.00
3 Years to 5 Years 6.50 5.75
5 Years to 10 Years 6.00 5.75

Syndicate Bank Interest Rates on FD – NRE Term Deposit Account

Syndicate Bank FD Interest Rates as on Today
Tenure Period Rate of Interests for Below Rs.1 crore Rate of Interests for Rs.1 to 5 crore
 1 Year 6.80  6.50
 1 Year to 2 Years 6.50  6.25
 2 Years to 3 Years 6.50  6.00
 3 Years to 5 Years 6.50  6.00
 5 Years to 10 Years 6.00  5.75

Compare the Syndicate Bank FD rates for general and senior citizens in the below tabular form.

Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Scheme – Syndicate Bank

Maturity Period  Interest Rate For General Interest Rate For Senior Citizen
31 Days to 45 Days 5.75 6.25
46 Days to 60 Days 5.75 6.25
61 Days to 90 Days 6.50 7.00
91 Days to 184 Days 6.75 7.25
184 Days to 289 Days 6.75 7.25
290 Days to 1 Years 6.75 7.25
1 Years to 2 Years 7.00 7.50
2 Years to 5 Years 6.75 7.25
5 Years to 10 Years 6.50 7.00

Overview of Syndicate Bank Fixed Deposit

The term deposit of fixed deposit is the best way to save your money. Every bank is offering the fixed deposit schemes with a certain rate of interests. The first thing you have to do is to choose the bank with a better-fixed deposit plan. The benefits of an FD account is that you get your saved money along with the additional interests. You can also get a loan against the fixed deposit amount. So, choose the best bank and save your money in the Fixed Deposit account.

Syndicate Bank FD Plans

One of the oldest, commercial banks in India is the Syndicate Bank. It has over 3000 branches across the country.The government has nationalized the Syndicate bank on 19 July 1969 with 13 other commercial banks in India. This bank has its branches in London, Doha, and Muscat.

Syndicate Bank was not the original name at the time of its establishment. It was called the Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited then. Later it was changed to Syndicate Bank Limited in 1064 when 20 other banks merged with it. The bank has its headquarters at Manipal, Karnataka. Moreover, Syndicate bank is the sponsor for the first regional bank in India, the Prathama Bank.

How to Open an FD account in Syndicate Bank Online?

The eligibility of opening a new FD account with Syndicate Bank vary according to the scheme you have chosen. However, a common eligibility is the Indian residents can open Fixed Deposits accounts. Even NRI’ can avail the facility. And moreover, you can use the Syndicate Bank FD Calculator to know your maturity amount after account opening and deposition. There are two ways of creating a new account with Syndicate Bank. The first one is the online process of Fixed Deposit Application.

Online Application of FD in Syndicate Bank

  1. To open a fixed deposit account with Syndicate bank online, one should visit the official website
  2. Download the Syndicate Bank FD form.
  3. Then fill the form carefully.
  4. Submit it to your nearest Syndicate bank along with a cheque or a draft.

To download the Syndicate FD form from official website, click here.

Syndicate Bank FD Application – Offline

The second process is the offline method. Here, you can directly remit the bank account with an associate bank. Also, you should provide the attested ID proofs, like address proofs, identity proofs, etc. Moreover, you need to carry two copies of your passport size photographs.

To get more information on Syndicate FD account opening, click here

Syndicate Bank Fixed Deposit Schemes

The Syndicate bank offers various term deposit schemes to its customers. Some of the schemes and FD rates in Syndicate Bank schemes are in the following sections.

Synd Disha III Deposit

  • Minimum deposits – Rs. 1000
  • Duration of the scheme – 444 days.
  • Syndicate FD interest rates – 9.15%
  • Can take 75% of loans against the fixed deposit amount.

Fixed Deposit

  • Minimum deposit – Rs. 1000
  • Duration of the scheme – 15 days to 10 years.
  • Penalty on the Premature withdrawal.

SyndTaxShield Deposit

  • Minimum Deposit – Rs.100
  • Tenure period – 5 years
  • Premature withdrawals are not permissible.

Vikas Cash Certificate

  • Minimum deposit – Rs.1000
  • Tenure period – 6 months to 10 years.
  • Premature withdrawals are permissible.
  • Can take loans of 95% of the FD amount.

Syndicate Suvidha Deposit

  • Minimum deposit – Rs.1000
  • Maturity period – 15 days to 120 months (10 years)
  • Penalty on premature withdrawals.

Social Security Deposit

  • Minimum deposit – Rs.1000
  • Maturity period – 1 year to 10 years.
  • Loans up to 95% of the deposit amount.

Senior Citizen’s Security Deposit

  • Minimum deposit amount – Rs. 1000
  • Tenure period – 1 year to 10 years.
  • FD Rate of interest in Syndicate Bank – 0.5%

Pigmy 1928 Deposit

  • Minimum deposit amount – Rs.5
  • Tenure of the deposit – 63 months
  • No penalties on premature withdrawal.
  • 75% loan against FD amount.

Pigmy Plus 2007 Deposit

  • Minimum deposit amount – Rs.5
  • Duration of the scheme – 72 months
  • Syndicate FD rates – 2% to 5% if the deposit is on hold for 24 months.

Synd Corporate Suvidha Deposit Scheme

  • Minimum deposit amount – Rs.500 lakhs
  • Tenure period – 7 to 180 days
  • No penalties on premature withdrawals.
  • 75% of loan against Fixed deposit.

Main Features of Syndicate FD Schemes

  • Minimum amount for deposit is Rs. 5
  • The maximum amount for deposit if Rs. 5 Cr.
  • Facility of nomination for fixed deposits.
  • 95% of loans against fixed deposits.
  • There are tax savings schemes on FDs.
  • An extra rate of interest of 0.5% on FD of senior citizens.
  • For employees and eligible ex-employees, extra interest rates of 1%
  • Tenure period ranges from 15 days to 10 years.
  • Premature withdrawals of fixed deposits are permissible.

NOTE: Extra rates for employees and Syndicate Bank FD rates for senior citizens are not applicable for NRE deposits.

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