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UCO Bank FD Calculator is available here. Check the UCO bank FD rates and calculate the UCO bank fixed deposit maturity amount using FD calculator. Get the complete details about the UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator & UCO bank fixed deposit schemes on this page. UCO Bank FD interest rates are not same for all the Deposit amounts. The UCO FD rates are calculated based on the Fixed Deposit amount. There are so many amazing Fixed deposit schemes in UCO bank so know about all the UCO bank FD schemes and choose the best scheme.

UCO Bank FD Calculator

To check the Fixed deposit Interest rates you definitely need a fixed deposit calculator. So, before you open the FD account in the UCO bank use this FDcalculator to calculate the FD maturity amount. The FD calculator on our site is designed using the exact Fixed deposit calculator so you will get the accurate Fixed deposit maturity amounts. You can also calculate FD interest rates manually which is difficult.UCO Bank FD Calculator is also available on the UCO bank official website. So, check How to use the UCO Bank Fixed deposit calculator from the below sections of this page. Requirements to use the UCO Bank FD Calculator are as follows

  • Principle Amount (in Rupees).
  • The rate of Interest. (% Per annum).
  • FD Period (Months/ years).
  • Frequency (Compound/ Simple).

How to Use UCO Bank FD Calculator?

  1. Visit the UCO Official website or click here to get the FD calculator UCO bank.
  2. Then, you need to enter the details such as the Principle amount, UCO bank interest rates on FD, term deposit tenure and the Frequency on the UCO Bank FD Calculator.
  3. Recheck the values you entered and click on “Calculate.”
  4. Then, within few seconds the fixed deposit UCO Bank maturity amount will be displayed.

UCO Bank FD Rates

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates For Amount < Rs. 1 Crore
FD Period UCO bank FD Rate of Interest (for General) Senior Citizens
7 – 14 Days 4.50% 5.0 %
15 – 29 Days 5.0% 5.0 %
30 – 45 Days 5.50% 6.0%
46 – 60 Days 6.0% 6.50%
61 – 90 Days 6.25% 6.75%
91 – 120 Days 6.50% 7.0%
121 – 150 Days 6.50% 7.0%
151-180 Days 6.50% 7.0%
181 to 364 Days 6.90% 7.40%
1 year 7.00% 7.50%
Greater than 1 Year to till 2 Years 6.90% 7.40%
Above 2 Years  to 3 Years 6.90% 7.40%
Above 3 Years & < 5 Years 6.75% 7.25%
Above 5 Years 6.75% 7.25%

UCO Bank FD CalculatorUCO Bank Interest Rates On FD

FD Interest Rates in UCO Bank Amount between Rs. 1 Crore & 5 Crores
FD Period FD Rates UCO Bank
7-14 Days 4.0%
15-30 Days 4.0%
31-45 Days 4.0%
46-90 Days 4.50%
91-120 Days 5.0%
121-180 Days 5.0%
Above 181 Days but less than 1 year 5.0%
1Year to 2 Years 5.0%
2 years & but less than 3 years 5.0%
3 years & above but less than 5 years 5.0%
5 Years & above 5.0%

UCO Bank FD Interest Rates

Deposit period Single Term Deposit (Rs. 5 Crore to Rs. 25.00 Crores) Single Term Deposit (> Rs. 25 Crores) Single Term Deposit (>Rs. 50 Crores)
7 – 14 Days 4.0% 4.0 % 4.0%
15 – 30 Days 4.0% 4.0% 4.0%
31-45 Days 4.0% 4.0% 4.0%
46–90 Days 4.50% 4.5% 4.50%
91 – 180 Days 5.0% 5.0% 5.0%
181 – 210 Days 5.0% 5.0% 5.0%
211- 270 days 5.25% 5.25% 5.25%
271 Days to < 1 year 5.25% 5.25% 5.25%
1 year & above but less than 2 years 5.25% 5.25% 5.25%
2 Years & above but < 3 Years 5.0% 5.0% 5.0%
3 years & above but less than 5 Years 5.0% 5.0% 5.0%
5 Years & above 5.0% 5.0% 5.20%

The Fixed Deposit Interest rates in the UCO bank are so high. UCO bank FD interests are not same for all categories of people like individuals, senior citizens, NRO’s, NRE’s etc. The UCO fixed deposit Interest rates are varied with the Fixed deposit Principle amounts. So, we have clearly tabulated the UCO FD interest rates for different deposit amounts above.

Fixed Deposit in UCO Bank

The Fixed deposit is commonly known as the term deposit. In this deposit scheme, you have to deposit some amount of money for a certain period. Then, the Interest amount is added to the principle amount. So, to calculate the Fixed deposit Interest rate you need to know the FD interest rates of the bank where you deposit money.  The Fixed deposit interest rates may be either compound or simple. FD interest rates are based on the Fixed deposit tenure. The following are the  4 different types of Fixed deposit tenures.

  • Monthly.
  • Quarterly.
  • Half-yearly.
  • Annually.

The UCO bank is abbreviated as the United Commercial Bank. It is established in the year 1943 in Kolkata. The UCO bank is one of the oldest & most popular commercial banks in India. UCO bank offers many saving schemes to its customers. The FD account in the UCO bank is the best option for all the people who are willing to open an FD account. If you have a UCO bank account it is so simple to open the UCO bank FD account. Refer the Offline/ Online UCO bank fixed deposit account opening process below.

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Eligibility

To open the FD account in the UCO bank you need to satisfy some eligibilities. The following are the different categories of people who can apply for UCO Fixed Deposit Account.

  • Any individual.
  • Company.
  • Private Company.
  • Hindu Unified Family.
  • Society.
  • Club.
  • Public undertaking.
  • NRI.

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Account Opening

The UCO bank FD account opening is possible in both Online & offline modes. So you have mentioned both the processes clearly. So, you can refer both the UCO account opening processes and select the convenient process.

How To Open UCO Bank FD Account Online?

  1. Visit the UCO Bank Official website www.ucobank.com
  2. If you have the UCO Bank e-banking account login using the registered user id and password.
  3. Then, you have to search for the UCO Bank Fixed Deposit application form.
  4. Carefully, fill the application form and submit the application form.
  5. Now, using the UCO Bank Internet banking pay the Fixed deposit amount through Online.
  6. At last, after the document verification process, your FD account in UCO Bank will be opened.

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Account Opening Process – Offline

  1.  Firstly, go to the official website of UCO Bank search for the Download UCO bank FD application form link.
  2. Then, click on that link and download UCO FD application form.
  3. Fill all the particulars without mistakes.
  4. Attach the required documents to the FD application form.
  5.  Visit the nearest UCO Bank branch and submit the form.
  6. You need to pay the deposit amount in the bank itself.
  7.  Finally, after the verification process within a few days, you will get the UCO bank FD account.

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Features

Fixed Deposit in UCO has a large number of benefits so let’s check out some of the top features of UCO Bank.

  • No cash Deposits are accepted.
  • Premature closure penal charges is 2.00%.
  • An Illiterate person can also open Fixed Deposit Account by his/her thumb impression.
  • The minimum amount required to open a Fixed Deposit Account in UCO bank is Rs.1000/-.
  • The UCO bank FD tenure is from 7 days to a maximum period of 10 years.
  • Premature withdrawals are possible.

UCO Bank Fixed Deposit Schemes

There are 4 majors schemes in the UCO bank which come under the Fixed Deposit Scheme.

  • Kuber Yojana

This is a long term safest fixed deposit scheme where you the interest is compounded every quarterly. In this scheme, you will get a large amount of interest at the time of maturity. The following are the features of UCO Kuber Yojana.

  • The minimum amount of deposit is Rs.1000/-.
  • Minimum deposit period is 6 months.
  • Maximum deposit period is 120 months.
  • The total Interest amount is paid after the maturity period.
  • UCO Monthly Income Scheme
  • The Period of the deposit is 5 years.
  • Minimum Deposit Amount is  Rs. 50,000
  • Maximum Deposit Amount is Up to Rs.100 lac.
  • The Normal UCO FD rate of Interest is applicable.
  • Nomination & Premature withdrawal facility is available.
  • UCO Tax Saver Deposit Scheme

This is also one of the best UCO bank term deposit scheme which has a lock-in period of 5 years. Minimum Deposit amount is Rs. 100/- and the maximum is 1.5 lakhs. Rate of Interest for General is 6.75% and the UCO bank FD rate for Senior citizens is

  • Flexible Fixed Deposit Scheme

The UCO bank flexible fixed deposit schemes, the name itself says that it is flexible. This scheme is helpful in the emergency situations. All the withdrawals are multiples of Rs. 5000/-

For more details about the UCO fixed deposit interest rates, UCO bank FD schemes & UCO Bank FD Calculator keep visiting our site.

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